Bring justice, righteousness, or the Creator with you and help heal the land”.

I learned starting 50 years ago, from my African from America ancestors, elders, family, and community that the beauty of Blackness or Africanness was being truthful, honest, cleanliness, hardworking, loving the Creator, and more! We, who call ourselves Africans, MUST responsibly confront Africans anywhere who misrepresent “African” with their evil, bad, violence, etc. behaviors!

When Ignorant or hateful Africans, in Africa, tell me that I am not African, I tell them that I am African but they aren’t. Of course, they always find that humorous, although that may have been our ancestors speaking to them! Being honest with Africans, as well as Whites, in Africa has brought me SO MUCH violence and abuse. Other “Africans” stood back and watched, so much so that one may question what being African means.

If you are an African (genetically inclusive of all “races”), love Africa, and know traditional African values and morals, then responsibly (to righteousness or the creator) stand up, challenge, and defend true and pure Africanness, whatever situation you may be in wherever and whenever in Africa or the world!! Think about it! This is one of the responsibilities our ancestors gave us in consciously urging and pulling us back home! They did not do so for us to come to Africa, do, and support the same FOOLISHNESS and violence that took us away from Africa and hurt us so much! Help responsibly, maturely, intelligently, or spiritually show and teach Africa and the world, again, what Africa (who once taught the world) is. Everyday is a conscious and LIVING responsibility which gives life and it more abundantly! Bring justice, righteousness, or the creator (not religion) with you and help heal the land.